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Lighting art: The Square 

Been working in the industry for more than 20 years, Nam Viet has had the opportunity to cooperate with the BCG group & other partners in the Hoi An D'or Square project. 

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Square lighting is one of the most interesting categories in the field. What makes it become so fascinating is how to highlight the visuals but still ensure the elements of light comfort. Hoi An D'or Square lighting project is the unique "artwork" which is located in the middle of the Square to attract tourists & visitors. Our mission is to make the Square stand-out by giving it the aesthetic looks during day & night. Once again, we are enthusiastic and excited about the new challenge. Our team has embarked on a thorough research and work to give out best advice for the Investor. 

The highlight & the allure of the Square 

We propose color changing lighting (RGBW) to create attractiveness for "artwork". Lights are calculated in terms of luminous flux, projection angle, and installation position in order that the project can express the light/shadow area intentionally. 

By creating light areas, the artwork is delicately balanced with colors to enhance its architecture and creates highlights to attract tourists passing by. We have turned it into vivid, emotional and eye-catching.

Nam Viet proposed to install a projection light system on pillars to create effects on the center of the floor. Using underground recessed LED technology installed according to the circular contours of the floor and redrawing the circles to make a difference for the design at night. This system maximizes the function of the landscape, while still ensuring the living and playing space in the area. 


Landscape Function Lighting 

We use high power headlights with medium beam angle, with anti-glare louvers installed on the top of the pillar to illuminate the surrounding areas. In addition, the team selected a lighting fixture with warm yellow color, suitable angle to "emphasize" the canopy area shining. 

Remarkably, the subtle intention of the 3-meter-high pillar lights with decorative designs has the function of providing light & increasing the aesthetics. Not only that, the entertainment spaces around the river bank are also applied by indirect light by Nam Viet to create a soothing and comfortable feeling around the area. 

Artificial light is created to simulate the natural light source of the sun. It is designed and applied in houses, commercial centers, offices or any other building to meet human needs. Natural light is always changing and this has a big impact on luminous knowledge. Thanks to it, we are able to find out that light works on three levels: visual, emotional and biological. 

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Security Solution 

Safety is what we care the most about from the very beginning of the project. We use the floodlights on high pillars to brighten the security area. All arrangements are carefully calculated by Nam Viet experts: using a number of fixtures in which the lighting direction is intentional and automatic at night. It is important to ensure enough illumination for visitors when passing through this zone late at night, and at the same time, when there is an incident, the security camera can record. 


Equipements and Control systems


As the proverb "Travel broadens the mind", this is our work spirit that we always have to accumulate geographical knowledge & living environment of each area in Vietnam. Seemingly irrelevant, but it pays an important lesson of lighting solutions. 

Hoi An D'or project is located in the central region with relatively harsh climate conditions, so the selection of products used is also one of the most concerning things. After the survey, we use equipment that not only meets outdoor lighting standards such as: IP, lifespan, lamp protection cover, UV protection... but also ensure the protection of the fixtures in hot tempo or water-resistance despite the flood season. Besides that, we make sure the effects are in accordance with the design and install the central control system properly. The color changing features for artwork must be combined with the surrounding functional lights, ensuring the scenes attract visitors. Having a good understanding of the system helps us to confidently deploy projects with special requirements. 

Exclusive Values  

Above all, we thank the BCG group for giving us the opportunity to collaborate on these amazing projects. Had you come to us, you will realize that Nam Viet and its partners are interested in multiple perspectives on health & human mind. From the wire, the values of sustainability, safety, aesthetic spaces... will there be a present in every project. 

We - Nam Viet always want to provide customers and anyone who seek for lighting solutions a great experience. 

In the end, beside all the technical - art stories mentioned above, we will continue to share other interesting and useful information in the process of working in next Case study. Hope you enjoy and look forward to it! 

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