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City Lights



"Sense of light"

"Sense of light"

The history of lighting technology began in the 1980s with candles and filament bulbs. Over the decades, the evolution of technologies such as halogen, sodium, metal halide, fluorescent or LED lights... Nam Viet consistently innovates according to the development speed of the lighting industry to meet market demand and successfully deliver a great customer experience. 


Each stage of Nam Viet brings different values based on core values: Efficiency, savings, convenience, and intelligence. Understanding the preciousness of light, Nam Viet always provides suitable lighting solutions with efficiency and quality. With over 20 years of experience in the lighting solutions field, all projects that Nam Viet team based on understanding, enthusiasm, and a high sense of responsibility. 


The perfect habitat is where the elements of the light meet. Understanding that concept, Nam Viet’s lightning solution simulates the feeling of natural light, giving customers a magical experience for human physical, spirit, and feelings.


Light is the embodiment of the future, so Nam Viet's designs contribute to creating the future, expecting a better life.

In Nam Viet, we always research and apply advanced lighting technologies for development projects and works to help the country become more prosperous.


Nam Viet's lighting solutions possess the values of

Illuminated Stairs
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