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The connection between Light & Human Circadian Rhythm 

For most people who are interested in illuminating art, this article is a vital lesson. The connection between our circadian rhythm and light is the basic knowledge in order to create partial art. Elements such as earth, water, fire, air and light are all proof of the development of human existence. 

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A typical example when we travel or work abroad in countries that are halfway across the world, we will be tired and confused due to the biological clock change. We manage to adapt to the day-time schedule while it used to be the night timeline at the exact moment in Vietnam. This causes disorientation, insomnia, jet lag… 


As we can see, the circadian rhythm has a great impact on our daily lives. Humans work during the day and rest at night. Moderate activity will regenerate energy in the morning, increase productivity and later be decreased in the evening. The reason that bodies perceive these things is due to the law of day & night, the influence of sun and moon, etc. 

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If we spend the whole day working indoors, it is necessary to use artificial light to recreate the outside environment. This tricks the body & brain to balance the circadian time, helping to increase work productivity as well as limit the frequency of employee's leave. 


Moreover, reproducing the biological time of the surrounding ambiance also plays a huge role in the health care category. This gives patients complete relaxation and rest, which significantly increases their effectiveness in recovering.

The use of artificial light that meets the above requirements must be calculated and analyzed in detail. It helps to support human activities all day long - from bright, energetic morning shine to soft, warm bedtime light. 

Current LED technology and control leads us to the facility in adjusting the biological time for an indoors environment, with the system of color (CCT) and light intensity (dimming). 

We, Nam Viet company, are proud to be one of the leading units in using artificial light to serve life, as well as our people's health. 

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